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BFOEL SALENEW very popular! Max 85% OFF Spider Roller Skates Light up Shoes Chargable with USB Led

BFOEL Spider Roller Skates Light up Shoes with USB Chargable Led


BFOEL Spider Roller Skates Light up Shoes with USB Chargable Led


Product Description

BFOEL-Since 2019, is a young but professional brand focusing on the development of children's shoes, dedicated to providing children with a pair of high-quality and comfortable shoes.A variety types of shoes will bring fun to children. Our shoes cover the needs of multiple ages and are a good choice for children.Choose BFOEL and we will provide you with excellent service!

spider roller skates"noscript"spider roller skates

Spider Roller Skates Shoes with 2 Wheels amp; USB Charging for Kids

    "li"Cool Spider Design: Spider upper, convenient velcro, elastic shoelaces, platform measures approximately 1.5". "li"Multicolored Flashing Modes: 7 kinds of Static colors, 10 kinds of Flashing modes, change it as you like. "li"Hidden USB Rechargeable: 2-3 hours charged makes 4-6 hours LED lights flash. Long press for 3 seconds to turn off. "li"3 in 1 Roller Skates: Can be used as Double wheel shoes, Single wheel shoes(remove the front wheel and add a cover) or Flat sneakers(hold the button behind shoes to shrink the rear wheel and remove the front wheel).

Please Note:

    "li"You have a pair of roller shoes and a USB charging cable in the package you purchased. "li"When received the shoe and found the shoes light is not lit, please charge your shoes battery,when charging,slowly pull the plug and note the front and back of the connector. "li"Can provide 7 different colors and more fun,more simple and convenient,if not used for a long time, need to long press the hidden button for 3 seconds to turn the light off. "li"Each pair of our LED shoes has been subject to strict quality inspection, but can not ensure the damage in transit,If you receive a defective product,as long as you give us a chance to help solve your problem,thanks in advance!
charging port"noscript"charging port

USB Charging Port

any charger can charge

shoes upper"noscript"shoes upper

3D KPU Upper

make children wear more comfortable

front wheel"noscript"front wheel

Embedded Front Wheels

pry off the small soft plug on the front wheel

press the wheel into the wheel groove


Hidden Rear Wheel

open the rear wheel cover

press the heel switch

charging port"noscript"charging port
"p" Charging Port

shoes upper"noscript"shoes upper
"p" Upper

front wheel"noscript"front wheel
"p" Front Wheel

"p" Back Wheel


Show Time

kids wheel sneakers"noscript"kids wheel sneakers
"tbody" "th" Spider Light up Roller Shoes "th" LED Rechargeable Roller Skate
black green roller shoes led roller sneakers

BFOEL Spider Roller Skates Light up Shoes with USB Chargable Led

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